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ah_eshtiaghi April 29, 2009 18:32

Grid study
What parameters do you usually use to find if the solution is grid independent?

rikio April 29, 2009 22:16

Check the quantity differences on different mesh density. If very few exists, it is grid independent.

Ralf Schmidt April 30, 2009 03:57


I think, normally, the overall mesh size is changed to check the effect on cell count.

BUT, in my opinion, it is much more important, to change the grid density on "important" areas.

That are areas in your domain, where
1.: you have interesting parameters, like a certain velocity or a (local or integral) heat transfer. Parameters, that are the aim of your study.
2.: high gradients of the flow quantities appear. Like having a big temperature difference or high velocities close to a wall

So: my suggestion is to change the grid density in particular in these areas for checking the grid independence.

Best wishes

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