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allamarein April 30, 2009 14:15

Mass flow rate in a 1/4 pipe (periodic boundary)
If I draw only 1/4 of the real inlet of the pipe (I use periodic condition and I study only a "V" domain), I have to set 1/4 of the mass flow rate? :confused:

-mAx- May 1, 2009 00:16

But you can use also the symmetry BC

sourplum May 1, 2009 09:28

I think better u use symmetry BC. U can find the tutorial here

Best regards,

allamarein May 1, 2009 14:41

You are right.
I've not specified that I have 4 radial injection flows equally spaced, so I used a periodic boundary condition (and not symmetry)

I set periodic boundary conditions with 0 pressure gradient

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