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LukeDickens May 1, 2009 11:12

Creating bitmap images from fluent
Hi there.
very trivial question. ive created a set of heat transfer models on spinning disk brake rotors for my dissertation project. i need to save the contours of total temperature in bitmap or another image file type. i know you can do this and get rid of the black background too.
can anyone please enlighten me?

Ralf Schmidt May 1, 2009 12:07


use ->file -> hardcopy

Best wishes

sourplum May 1, 2009 22:55

Hi friends..

What I usually do is displaying the graphic first (e.g. grid, contours, vectors etc) and then zoom to my zone of interest. At this time, u'll absolutely see a tab of the window u're displaying at the taskbar. right click at the tab and choose copy to clipboard. If u get bnw image, try to change the setting by right click at the tab and go to "page setup" and change the radio button from grayscale to color. Good luck in your project ;)

p/s: I haven't try your method ralf. Thanks for sharing =)

Best regards,

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