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bobmalaria May 2, 2009 13:42

Fluent 6.0.12 Can't define reaction mechanisms

I just started using FLUENT and tried to do the tutorial on surface chemisty (CVD of gallium arsenide).

In the 3rd step I'm asked to define the reaction mechanism. apparently there is supposed to be a entry 'Mechanism' in the properties section in the material panel, but the only available fields are 'mixture species', 'reaction', 'density', 'cp', ....

Do I miss something here? Where can I set the mechanism then?


coalgas May 4, 2009 04:33

Please Check Turbulence model
Hello Martin,
Please check Turbulence model,
if you are transporting mechanism from Chemkin files, K-e model wont work.


bobmalaria May 4, 2009 11:55


the solver is set to 'laminar' so the model can not be the problem here. I thought it might just be a menu change made from one version to another and the rection mechanism can be set in another palet now - i just can not find it though.

any other suggestions?


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