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baechtel May 5, 2009 00:14

How to smooth interface with VOF models
Hi everbody,

I want to know where and how to use the command to smooth interface with VOF model here below :

rpsetvar ‘patch/vof? #t
While Im using the "normal" graphic panel from fluent, I don't understand where and how to implement it on my simulation ?
And if you know, this command is valid for all the time steps ? Is it more or less acurate with ?

Thanks a lot for answer,


kbaker May 11, 2009 02:53

what type of flow regime you working with? is it stratified flow?

baechtel May 11, 2009 18:23

To explain, I am modeling blood droplet impact onto a solid surface in the air. Im using VOF models, laminar unsteady flow. My results are pretty well according to experiments but I need to have a very good mesh and also a lot of time...

I want to improve the simulation duration but I dont find the good method. In fact, I only need to have a good mesh where I have an interface blood/air. Maybe you know if it is possible with a dynamic mesh?

That's why I want to know if the command "rpsetvar ‘patch/vof? #t" is useful for the whole simulation/time steps and how to use it ?

Thank you for answer,


ndabir June 21, 2012 18:54


Did you figure out how to use this command rpsetvar 'patch/vof? #t?
I can't implement it into the fluent window. where should I exactly put this command?
Thank you

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