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bigfans May 6, 2009 16:29

How to get mass transfer coefficient in FLuent?
I am modeling an adsorption bed, in which the mixture of dry air and water vapor flows through a rectangular channel, whose top and bottom walls are zeolite-riched paper. So which model I should use to estimate the overall mass transfer coefficient, species transport? I didn't find the mass transfer coefficient in "surface integral" panel as the heat transfer coefficient. So can anybody tell me what I should do?

I also read some literature and authors used the local concentration gradient near the wall to get the local mass transfer coefficient, so how can we get the local concentration gradient in Fluent? I know Fluent can calculate local shear stress from velocity gradient near the wall, but I didn't find the simialr local concentration gradient at all.

Hope to get your suggetions!


bigfans May 7, 2009 09:30

Please help me!

davidhap May 8, 2009 02:03

what's the BC of top and bottom you set? i think the porous BC is proper for your absorption process.
you can try it .
good luck!

bigfans May 8, 2009 11:22

Thanks. I set "specified mass fraction" in the "species boundary conditions for walls" to be zero at the wall.

If I use porous boundary condition, could you please tell me in detail to get local concentration gradient or mass transfer coefficient in Fluent panels?


davidhap May 9, 2009 20:03

i have few experience with the porous model. i think u r question is relative to it. you can refer to the porous model in the manual .

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