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fluentguy May 6, 2009 18:53

creating new surfaces

I started using fluent recently. So I am not fully aware of the capabilities.

I was analyzing flow over an obstacle. While creating the geometry in gambit, I included all four walls of the obstacle under the name 'walls'. But after the analysis was done, in Fluent. I realized that I should have created surfaces for each wall separately (I require plot of shear stress on each wall separately).

Is there anyway of getting the plots directly from Fluent without going back to gambit, renaming the surfaces and solving all over again ? As the solution does not depend on how you name the surfaces, I believe that it should be possible. But I do not know how to do it.

I tried using iso-surfaces.. It didnt seem to work.. Is that the way to go about for this situation?

Ralf Schmidt May 7, 2009 03:34

I had the same problem.
here is some solution:

it is not perfect, but I don't know any better...

Best wishes

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