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sridhu88 May 8, 2009 02:22

Issues with dynamic meshing

I am working on a 2D problem where you have a beam like structure inside a square enclosure. The beam is fixed at one end and oscillates up and down(I used rigid body motion UDF to do this). But the dynamic meshing isn't working properly when I use rectangular elements near the beam. It seems to work reasonably well when I have triangular elements near the beam. But the Gambit boundary layer meshing option allows only rectangular elements near the boundary. So how do I make my model work for rectangular elements also?

Also I am confused about which dynamic mesh algorithm(Smoothing, Layering, Remeshing) I should be using..I would be happy if somebody can explain about this also.



mrestrepo30 June 11, 2009 16:46

what is the configuration you have for the dynamic mesh parameters? are you using layering accompanied by smoothing or remeshing?
If you are only using layering, try typing
define/models/dynamic-mesh-controls <enter>
define/models/dynamic-mesh-controls/ sp <enter>
define/models/dynamic-mesh-controls/sp/soas <enter>

this will "activate" the layering option for the structured mesh.

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