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amita May 8, 2009 05:52

Partially Premixed Combustion: Single inlet-no Outlet
Dear friends,

I am simulating the case of a high pressure closed cylindrical container which contains a mixture of volatile reactants. Another liquid reactant is introduced into the system using an injector. The aim is to obtain a steady state solution for the given system.

I would like to pose the following questions to CFD community on this forum:

1) I am using the partially premixed model in Fluent. Am I right in doing so?

2) In the previous problems that I have dealt with, there was an inlet and an outlet. So, during the specification of boundary conditions there was a provision to provide the mass fractions of the species at that boundary. However, in this problem, the reactants are already inside the high pressure combustion chamber (no pressure inlet is defined). Another reactant is added in liquid form by means of an injector. There is no pressure outlet either. I want to be able to specify the initial mass fractions of species inside the combustion chamber. How can I achieve this?

Thank you.


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