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mmd014 May 21, 2009 13:47

BC for fully developed turbulent flow in a pipe
Dear All,

Please can anyone help me with the equation of the velocity profile for a fully developed turbulent flow in a pipe.

I am working on 3D flow in a pipe and i want to apply fully developed turbulent BC at the inlet. I need the equation for the velocity profile.


Dmitry May 22, 2009 06:45

I suggest another way to solve your problem.
At first stage you can set uniform flow at inlet with turb. parameters such: intensity=5% and viscosity ratio=5 (if you are using two equation model). Get fully converged solution and write velocity and turbulence variables profile at pipe outlet.
At second stage, just set this profile at pipe inlet.

mmd014 May 22, 2009 06:50

Thanks Dmitry for your reply. I am going to simulate many velocities of the flow and different mesh sizes. will one case be used for all the above cases.

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