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cap_hook May 24, 2009 04:47

Geometric boundary splitting on PLOT3D mesh
I'm a newbye of Fluent. Usually I use CFD++ of Metacomp at my college CFD lab. Now they change the package with Fluent and i'm in tilt :confused:.
The problem is the following:i can write the mesh file (2D STRUCTURED) only in PLOT3D format with my pre-processor and i inmport it in Fluent successfully.
But i don't know how to split a generic boundary in two o more part.
For example: i have a 2d structured mesh, body-fitted on a NACA airfoil (like the type D); the boundary is only one and i have to split it in external region, connection region and the airfoil (entering the number of face-cell and their i-j) position.
How can i make it?


Ralf Schmidt May 24, 2009 06:33


I don't think, that this is possible in Fluent. As far as I know, you cannot split faces in Fluent. Maybe, you can use iso-surfaces....

I had some similar problem once... an I had go back to the geometry generation to do so (

So, that is the thing i would suggest: Import your mesh to gambit, there you can do all the necessary face split commands and BC definitions.
But I guess, you might lose you mesh when adding new vertices...

Best wishes

cap_hook May 25, 2009 09:45

Thank you, Ralph.
Now I'll try with Gambit.


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