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ravi1650 May 25, 2009 15:11

Stratified Two Phase Flow

I am an undergraduate and beginner of this software FLUENT and currently working on stratified two-phase simulation in 3d geometry.
My problem is that I have a cylindrical pipe and I have to analyse the velocity profile when the flow is fully developed, so I am working on Laminar, steady state conditions. Although, the problem is not realistic but still, this is the beginning step to learn so that later I can solve realistic two phase turbulent flows in pipes. In my case, I know the inlet and outlet pressures and the interface level between the two phases is constant along the length of the pipe. So, I am unable to decide which model should I use - VOF or Eulerian and how to define the boundary and interface conditions.
Fluent user manual says that for stratified multiphase flow, we should use VOF model but I am not able to figure out how to define the interface level (which is kept constant) such that there is complete separation of two phases.
Please help.

anupamjain76 May 29, 2009 05:13


I suggest you to go through the VOF Fluent tutorial. It clearly explains how to model the interface and other details. You need to create a register (region) for a particular phase and patch that region with volume fraction value of 1.


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