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cinmar May 26, 2009 07:28

Fluent 12.0
Hi guys,

I am trying to use the new version of FLUENT 12.0....that is incredibly slow!!
has anyone experienced the same??



Kestas May 26, 2009 10:43

I'm using Ansys products v12, including FLUENT 12. Speed is good.
But there are big bug:
I see no 2D regions i specified using CFX mesh, when i run fluent 12 from ansys 12 workbech project!
So i am using a trick:
I create mesh and specify 2D region names in ANSYS v11 workbench CFX mesh, save mesh file for FLUENT and open it with Fluent v12

Do you have such problem? or are you using gambit to create mesh?

kamnaz May 27, 2009 19:57

Fluent 12 Performance - Named Selections
I am using Fluent 12 (release version not beta) and it works really well. Provide more information on your computer/Fluent setup. I also using it on a Microsoft HPC cluster and am extremely satisfied with the performance.

That is not a bug. You need to use Names Selections in Workbench meshing for 2D surfaces (inlets/outlets/walls etc). Try import the mesh into a Workbench Mesh Component, add the Named Selection in there and then import it into Fluent.


Philipov May 29, 2009 12:21

The speed is good but the user-interface.... BAD WORK people from ANSYS really bad work....

Kestas June 12, 2009 04:56

thanks, kamnaz, it worked.

Philipov, what is bad?

Philipov June 12, 2009 06:14

With trying to incorporate ANSYS interface type to FLUENT, the final product is not very good and the short definition is bad.
bad (vs. good)
atrocious, abominable, awful, dreadful, painful, terrible, unspeakablecorked, corkydeplorable, distressing, lamentable, pitiful, sad, sorryfearful, frightfulhard, toughhopelesshorridicky, crappy, lousy, rotten, shitty, stinking, stinkyillincompetent, unskilledmediocrenaughtynegativepoor

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