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tstorm May 26, 2009 13:29

Test Cases
Does anyone know of published test cases for FLUENT?

I'm trying to validate several UDF turbulence models. I would like an array of test cases that gradually increase in complexity, showing where standard turbulence models work or don't work.


Ralf Schmidt May 27, 2009 03:41


I don't have something specific for Fluent, but in general, there are some cases, that are standard test cases for flow simulation:

- cylinder in cross flow
- tube bank in cross flow (ok.. its not a standard test case... but you could use it)
- wall mounted cube
- pipe flow
- flat plate in parallel flow
- impinging jet
- Backward facing step
- ...

For all of these cases, a lot of literature data is available, both experimental and numerical.

So, depending on your problem, the Re number, the material properties and if you are using additional models (e.g. chemical reaction) you can choose a test case and get the relevant literature data...

BUT, literature data may spread... as an example, we did some expanded studies on the cylinder in cross flow. And we found a large deviation in (experimental) literature data for heat transfer: up to 50% difference between the Nu numbers....
So, having a reliable literature source is really worth it...

Best wishes

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