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shankara.2 May 28, 2009 13:56

Grid scaling & Operating conditions
Hello all

I am trying to model a 3d case of film cooling. I created my mesh in Gambit in meters and then directly imported the mesh to FLUENT without doing anything in the Grid->Scale tab. So, FLUENT should automatically treat all my units in meters, right?
I also have one more question regarding the Operating Conditions. I want to model the gas as incompressible air using Ideal Gas Law, with density being a function of temperature. How do I specify this in the Operating Conditions panel? Also, how does the Reference Pressure affect my results? currently, my reference pressure location is right in the center of the domain, which is also the center of the film cooling hole outlet. Is this right?
What might be the reason for absurd values in my velocity magnitude contours? My highest velocity in the domain is just 173 m/s at the inlet but I see values of 1500 m/s and above inside the film cooling holes. Can anyone throw some light on this?



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