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greg June 7, 2009 14:22

force data exported on boundary nodes
Hi all,

There is the option in Fluent that allows you to export the forces at the node boudaries, for example when you write out a force file for ansys. I was looking into how Fluent calculates the forces by trying myself by hand (well in excel!) to replicate the forces written out by Fluent, however, I get slightly different forces values than that of Fluent?

What I assumed was that Fluent uses the face surface area vector (which you can export from Fluent) and multiples it with surface pressure (only doing an inviscid test here). But what does Fluent do for the surface pressure value? What does it do when interpolating the pressure from the cell center to the cell face?

Has anyone checked this before? Verified that it's correct?

Many thanks in advance,


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