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be_inspired June 9, 2009 11:57

Problem with interface in a wind turbine simulation

I am performing a simulation of a wind turbine and there is a interface in the middle of the blade that I have used to divide the geometry between inner and outer. ( the interface is not a plane, but a circular sector of 120 grades).
In the simulation I use Moving reference Frame so I have a 120 grades sector and periodic conditions ( rotational) in the planes of -60 a 60 grades.

The problem is that when a perform the simulation, all seems ok ( even the values of moments and forces go in the good way), but if I see the pressure conditions in the inlet, outlet and periodic faces, there is a jump in pressure and other variables. ( and some gaps between the two zones because the bunching is not the same).

Fluent creates 2 new walls, but I do not change the boundary conditions of the 2 walls. Is it neccesary to change them? If I try to show them, they are empty.

Thanks a lot.

be_inspired June 9, 2009 12:07

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Maybe with an image is better to understand the situation.

naimishharpal March 8, 2011 00:46

Did you find the solution to this issue? I'm having the same problem when using STAR-CCM+. The interface cannot perform 100% every time. It has about 0.04% mismatch and converts those cells as wall, and that's why it is obvious that you see pressure jumps.

The solution could be 'fine' mesh over the interface surface. That will reduce the 'chances' of over slipping. Do you have any other solution???


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