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RPJones June 9, 2009 16:24

Defining Multiphase by text and by gui = different result and Segmentation Violation
Hi all,

I'm having some trouble trying to set up a journal file to be able to run a VOF open channel flow problem. I keep getting a Segmentation Violation when I try to initialize the flow using the journal. After doing some extensive work commenting out parts of the journal, I think I've found the problem, but don't know how to solve it.

When I use the TUI to set the solver to multiphase, VOF, 2 fluids... I'll get this result from fluent:

/define/models> multi
Model ( none vof eulerian mixture ) [none] vof
number of phases [2]
vof scheme ( implicit explicit ) [explicit]
courant number [0.25]
solve vof every iteration? [no]
open channel flow? [no] yes
implicit body force [no]
Changing Discretization Scheme for Pressure to PRESTO!
Changing Discretization Scheme for Volume Fraction to Geo-Reconstruct

But if I do the same setup by the GUI menu, all parts expect for the solve vof every iteration (which I don't see) all I get for changes to Discretization is
"Changing Discretization Scheme for Pressure to PRESTO!" no change to geo-reconstruct. If, after using the GUI to set up the vof, I go to change the discretization scheme for volume fraction, geo-reconstruct isn't even an option.

I've enable the VOF manually and then run the journal from that point on with no troubles, so I'm pretty sure this is the problem.

In my journal file I change the Discretization scheme away from the default, (either 1st order or geo-recontruct depending on how i set up the vof) but it still causes fluent to get a segment violation when initializing if i set it up using TUI.

Any help for this problem would greatly appreciated. If any more info is needed let me know, I just didn't want to text vomit to much into the post without need.

If it helps, a basic geometry that I can use that has this problem is just a 2D rectangle, half air, half water, open channel flow.

Thanks again.

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