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shankara.2 June 9, 2009 20:49

Flow not moving - Supersonic/Initial Pressure problem?
Hi all

My geometry is described below although it might not be necessary information to answer my question.
I have two rectangular chambers placed on either side of a solid rectangular coupon. There is an inlet to the left of the top chamber and bottom chamber for fluid flow. The top chamber also has an outlet to the right. The other walls of the bottom chamber dont have any openings thus acting as a plenum. The rectangular coupon has 3 cooling holes though which coolant flow from lower chamber enters the top chamber, combines with mainstream flow and goes through outlet.

Now I have velocity inlet for mainstream flow, mass flow inlet for coolant inlet (as I know only the mass flow) and then OUTFLOW BC for the outlet. I solved the flow and checked my velocity magnitude contours. Surprisingly, the top chamber velocity profile looks ok. But when I checked the velocity profiles at different sections of the lower chamber, it's all zero. So my coolant flow is not coming in at all. Why is this happening? I have the Supersonic/Initial Gauge pressure option as 0. My Operating Pressure is 101070 Pa which is the perssure at the velocity inlet. My reference location is also a point on the velocity inlet. could someone throw some light on why my coolant is not flowing in?



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