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lobzik June 18, 2009 18:20

Have one question, almost porous medium.
The fact is that I have to construct a certain mesh which describes some kind of porous medium. Let's imagine a numerical 2D (or 3D) array of cells. Each cell contains a zero or an one value. One means an active cell (the domain where fluid flows) and zero means nonactive cell (for example solid where fluid can not flow). In other words we have for example a tube and in this tube there are a lot of (thousands) fixed (nonmoving) solids. Fluid flows throug this medium. How can I mark the zero cells as a solid if I have simple square mesh?

lobzik June 19, 2009 04:18

Maybe I've explained rather difficult for understanding? What's wrong? Would you give me an advice concerning my issue?

lobzik June 21, 2009 21:33

OK. Now I've construct a simple cubical mesh. Also I know vertices of cells which should be deleted from this simple cubical mesh. I know how to do this in Fluent and Gambit (in Fluent this cell should be marked using "Adapt-region" and then using "Grid-Separate-Cells" we can separate this cell trom the rest zone and after that using "Grid-Zone-Delete" we can delete this cell; in Gambit we may perform boolean operations with faces or volumes). Now the question: how can I delete/substract thousand of cells from my simple cubic mesh? Or maybe to try another way using import option in Gambit to import my case in another format?

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