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jpinho June 23, 2009 07:37

Fluent Geometry Limitations
Hello everyone,

I was doing a simple simulation of a solid volume under conduction phenomena. A simple geometry and simple boundary conditions.

One of the faces I input a heat flux, which magnitude was around 1.5 mW, very low I know.. but this was validated experimentally.. anyway..

I run the simulation hundreds of times.. and for this case the volume would need much more time to heat as the results I knew would be acceptable.

After a while.. I decided to model the exactly same problem but in a magnitude 1000 times bigger, i.e., all geometry was in millimeters i scaled into meters, the same for conductivity, specific heat and heat flux.

Finally, I got the results I needed.. I got a little confused why fluent did the correct assumptions later on and didnt get them for the millimeters geometry. The mesh was exactly the same..

Is there any limitation of resolution for the geometry in fluent??

my shortest edge is 1.5 mm,


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