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bobo June 24, 2009 12:49

Fluent boundary conditions problem

i'm quite new to fluent and here are the first problems. :o

i have a cad drawing of a pipe. the pipe is a thin feature. from other flow simulation software (efd.lab) i'm used to close the ends with a lid to define a closed domain. is that the same in fluent?

after meshing (cfx) and importing the mesh into fluent, setting the boundary conditions, i end up with the picture shown below.

the region which has to be solid is the region fluent actually simulates and the inside of the pipe is not recognized (where the flow should be).
the surface of the lid is the inlet condition and the outlet condition respectively.

any ideas how i can change the region in the boundary conditions in a way that the fluid flows inside of the pipe? :rolleyes:

thank you

ps: the actual geometry i want to model is quite complicated and i want to use the cad drawings (solidworks) for that. so just turning the pipe into a solid is not an option regarding my actual problem

bobo July 2, 2009 06:25


i solved the problem a few days ago. apparently fluent/gambit need a a bit of another boundary treatment than efd.lab (which i used before).

when placing a small circle on the base-face of a cylinder/pipe one has to use the split faces command (options: retain,connected) to define the small circle as an inlet boundary condition.

Piotrek July 3, 2009 06:28


you can also use option "Check geometry" with "Create Fluid body assembly" switched on. That way the geometry in only of the fluid within the pipe. Then you export this new geometry to the appropriate meshing tool.

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