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eespi002 June 30, 2009 08:41

Turbulent viscosity limited to viscosity ratio of 1.0000000e+5

I was solving a simulation and as Fluent was in the process of iterations,
I saw this message after each iteration:

Turbulent viscosity limited to viscosity ratio of 1.0000000e+5 in 676 cells.

Can someone tell me what does this mean? why is it occuring? Explain please.

Thank you

Giuki June 30, 2009 11:07

Dear Edgard,

I've had the same situation, it depends on the problem you are trying to solve. Probably you have a problem with high level of turbulence. It is literaly what it's states, in 676 cells the viscosity ratio exceeds the value of 1e5. Fluent now limits the viscosity to that value.

You can change that limit in Solve --> Solution --> Limits let's say to a value of 1e6 and see if it still occurs, after some iterations, if the solution is having some convergence, you can set the limit back and see if it still occurs. A professor at my university stated that it should not really affect your solution much.

Good luck!

eespi002 June 30, 2009 13:17

Divergence Detected in AMG Solver: pressure correlation

Thanks for the response. I had another error.

Divergence detected in AMG solver: pressure correlation....

Would you know how to solve this.

Thanks in adavance.

Giuki June 30, 2009 13:24


That is hard to tell, I once had it but cannot remember what the source was. I should have to see the set-up and BC you used, and even then I'm not sure I will find what couses the divergence error. Try searching in this forum. It seemed something was following the error message...pressure there anything following these words?

Good luck!

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