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hbf July 1, 2009 05:57

Porous Formulation

I am modelling a heterogeneous porous zone and I am only interested on the velocity profile and pressure drop. I included the inertial and viscous resistance coefficients in the Porous Zone Panel. Do I also need to include the porosity? I suppose that the momentum sink produced by a porous region is completely depicted by resistance coefficients, right? Where is the difference if I include porosity values?

Thank you for your time!

seaharrier July 1, 2009 07:20


Flow in porous media can be calculated using either a model for momentum loss or a full porous model. The momentum loss model is useful for modeling porous resistances without taking the volume effect of porosity into account. If you need to account for the volume effect, use the porosity. The velocity solved by the code is usually the superficial fluid velocity. In a porous region, the true fluid velocity of the fluid will be larger because of the flow volume reduction. Sometimes a loss model is formulated in terms of true velocity rather than superficial velocity.

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