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haykozoom July 5, 2009 07:01

good questions to clarify something
hi guys;
some questionary condition when i setting up fluent BC&solver setting;

1. opearting pessure is for instance 1 bar. so gauge pressure for atmospheric pressure will be "0" for pressure BC, is it ok? and absolute pressure will be 1 bar also for this condition.

2. are the pressure and temperature in ideal gas eqn. total absolute property (static+dynamic+operating) ?

3. in continuity equation massflux=rou*Vel, is rou static property?

4. what is the solution for the warning such as "the mesh contains very high aspect ratio...please inspect wall cell distance" when reading the mesh in Fluent. I started the first raw of BC from the wall as 0.001 mm in order to have y plus value less than 1 ; so should i increase the distance from wall

i've read relatep topics, however i'd like to check my understanding again with your experience due to questionary answers in topics.

Maxmum April 24, 2010 06:49

1. yes, absolute pressure =operating pressure +gauge pressure.
2. sure
3. I think rou is instant property
4. I am also confronting the problem. yes, I think the reason is the skew grids near the wall

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