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Koranten July 5, 2009 15:57

Solid / Fluid Heat Transfer
Hi everyone,

I would like to know something about heat transfer in FLUENT.

To what extent can this software deal with heat transfer between a fluid zone and a solid wall?

From what I have seen in the User's Guide, FLUENT is using experimental correlations and calculate a Nusselt number...

What is the accuracy of this approach? Is there a way to make something better? What do others CFD codes do for this specific problem?

Is there some documentation where real/experimental cases are compared to FLUENT calculations, in order to see how well is FLUENT doing?

In fact, I would like to know if I can trust FLUENT for heat transfer between solid and fluid, or if this is something "dangerous".

I would also like to know if FLUENT is really more powerful than "hand calculations" for heat transfer in tubes, or if I can just stay with my hand and my Nusselt correlations...


Koranten July 8, 2009 10:35

Nobody can answer me?

FluentNewbie March 19, 2011 06:39

Hi koranten,

In reality, a CFD has never been trusted blindly. It has been, all the time, compared to experimental studies and this showed, in general, good agreements between them.
So, my advice, is to set some simulations according to your problem type, and if this gives good results compared to your calculations and/or experimental data, you can use these type of simulation.

To summarize, you can rely on simulation results ONLY after being extensively assessed for a particular type of problem.

I hope my opinion could help.

Kwiaci March 19, 2011 08:21

You need to know what inputs to use. FLUENT is very accurate program but only if you use good solver configuration to avoid "shit in - shit out". But you should look on some verification experiments for similar cases.

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