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visuja July 7, 2009 21:37

Porous formulation

I have a few queries on how Fluent treats the porous zone. I have two fluid zones in my simulation domain, one of which has a porosity of 0.6. I am simulating a mass transfer problem, with convection + diffusion in the fluid zone, and pure diffusion in the porous zone. The interface between the two zones is set as "interior".

How does Fluent treat the diffusion coefficient in the porous zone? for example, if my diffusivity is 1e-11 in the fluid zone, is the diffusivity in the porous zone = 0.6 * 1e-11, or do I need to input this separately for the porous zone using a UDF?

In theory, since diffusivity in a porous zone is defined as
Bulk Diffusivity * porosity / Tortuosity,
my input for the porous zone needs to be adjusted for the porous zone tortuosity as well.

Please advise.


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