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cfd23 July 13, 2009 05:46

FLUENT Journal File Errors
I'm running a series of FLUENT journal files from MATLAB. Assuming the journal commands are in the form:
file/read-case-data myshape.cas
solve/iterate 10000

For certain shapes FLUENT does not converge due to an ill-defined geometry / solver conditions and an error is displayed in the form:

Warning: An error or interrupt occurred while reading the journal file.
Some commands may not have been completed.

In this case FLUENT becomes 'idle' at the error. Ideally, I need the program to exit when an errors appears. Can you please suggest how I can force FLUENT to exit for such cases / or alternate strategies to handle journal file errors?


calemarie July 9, 2010 04:08

Hi cfd23,

Did you get any answer on this, or find an alternate solution?

I am myself running series of batch calculations and it is always irritating to find out after a computation night that the second run crashed... I would like to just skip faulty calculations and continue with the batch run but prove unable to handle fluent errors...

Thank you in advance for any hint...


cfd23 July 9, 2010 04:19

Hi Mate,

Thankfully, FLUENT has a built in option for such cases. Under batch options, there is an 'exit on error' option which you need to check. It does what it says: When and if FLUENT hits an error, the program exits and your calculations will continue to run. I use MATLAB to launch all my jobs, so I simply enter a user-defined magnitude for failed simulations so that I know where the problem occured.

See how you go!

calemarie July 9, 2010 04:37

This is some quick and efficient answer!

I'm quite ashamed I didn't find it by my own...

Thanks a lot anyway, I will give it a try!

novice July 14, 2010 04:12

Hi CFD23,

Its interesting to know that a Fluent process can be launched through MATLAB. Can you pls send me an example file to launch the FLUENT through MATLAB.

Thanks in advance

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