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shankara.2 July 13, 2009 17:33

Postprocessing in 3d - Creating part of a surface
Hi all

I have a question about postprocessing in FLUENT. My surface of interest is a rectangular surface. I want to find out the averaged temperature on a circular area on this rectangle. The rectangle completely encompasses the circular area that I want. I know the radius and center position of the circular area. How do I do this? Is there any way in FLUENT to create a circular plane on an existing surface for postprocessing? If not, could I use a UDF to do this? Please let me know the details if I need to use an UDF. I am unsure of how to specify my circular area inside the UDF, then compute the area of all faces inside this circular boundary and then compute the area-averaged temeprature.

So far, I have noticed that the circle option is available only in 2d and there is only a sphere option for 3d. If I create a sphere with my radius, it is hollow inside. So when I clip the sphere, I get the outline of the circular surface I want. Could I convert this into a surface by doing something?



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