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eseller July 14, 2009 13:55

Mean Mixture Fraction
I am using the non-premixed combustion model in Fluent and have generated a PDF Table ... It is an uni-element injector with an OFO (oxygen-fuel-oxygen) configuration. I am confused about the inputs for the mean mixture fraction (MMF) in the fuel and oxidizer boundary condition. Right now I have the MMF for fuel set to 1.0 and the oxidizer set to 0; when should these be varied and what is the impact? Also, in my initial conditions, the MMF is set to 0, is this correct? I was also under the impression that the temperature given in the initial values acts as the igniter for combustion, does anyone have any data supporting cryogenic propellants (methane and oxygen) on what this temperature should be set to?

One last thing, how can I define only one reaction using the non-premixed combustion model w/ PDF Table? And am I able to define the mechanism ... specify a two-step reaction?

Thank you, your help is very much appreciated!


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