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junbbung July 14, 2009 22:06

Laminar flow and wall roughness
I model bingham plastic, unsteady, vof(paste and water)..

the flow is laminar..(never turbulent)

well.. the channel I model is micro-channel and the wall roughness is very important.

Usually, in the laminar, the wall roughness doesn't affect the flow..

But as I know, in micro-channel, the wall roughness is very important for the pressure drop though the flow is laminar.

So I have to change the wall roughness condition, but in fluent the wall roughness condition is not activated in laminar flow...

of course I know, the roughness condition is activated in turbulent...
But what I need is the method to change the wall roughness condition in laminar flow..

using UDF... is this possible??

or is there other method?

well.. is there a method that I set the turbulent setting and give some appropriate value for the laminar flow?

I am really wondering that...

and, i ask you an advice about whether this is possible or not in fluent setting... please...

ammm December 2, 2012 06:57

if you set a turbulent viscous and change roughness but you have a laminar flow it doesnt make a significant change

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