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emad July 15, 2009 15:55

Herschel Bulkley model Problem
Hi All
I am attempting to simulate the laminar flow of a Herschel Bulkley fluid. One of the inputs required is the 'yielding viscosity' I am not sure what the value for this should be. I have checked the documentation but it is still unclear. I have values for n, k and Tau_0, which are commonly determined, however, I cannot find any information on 'yielding viscosity' Can anyone help?

Many thanks for help me


junbbung July 16, 2009 00:04

If you use the herschel-bulkley model for the bingham plastic..

find this thesis, " CFD analysis of journal bearing hydrodynamic lubrication by Bingham lubricant "

I'm also modeling the bingham, laminar..

you just give the yield viscosity very large value..

emad July 16, 2009 01:31

Dear Junbbung
First, Many Thanks for reply, I don't have this thesis if you have please send me.
Please, I check length for fully developed laminer flow in rectangular duct and if draw the velocity with centerline appear not good if i used yield viscosity very large value.
please, Can you send me all information about parameters for Herschel bulkley model.

Your faithfully

jjcfd July 18, 2009 09:14

Hi My name Jonathan and am also attempting to use the Herschel Bulkley model in fluent, The thesis recomended can be found online, just google the name.

I was just wondering how you found the other properties recquired for the herschel bulkley model such as:

consistancy index and the power-law index

Thanks Jonathan

emad July 18, 2009 13:03

Dear Jonathan
Iam very sorry and Many thanks for reply. I know for get this thesis by using google engine but i live in Iraq and this my conutry I don't get Master card to get that thesis. I am very Thanks to help me for get this thesis.

Many thanks against


Sargentini May 18, 2012 13:25

Herschel Bulkley - pressure problem

I'm trying to simulate a laminar flow using Herschel Bulkley and "non-Newtonian solver."
I adopted nu0 = 1E6, tau0 = 1, k = 0.01 and n = 1 to verify the result gives the analytical value of a Bingham material.
The problem is that pressure is fluctuating too much, although the velocity gain a suitable profile.
Someone please have an idea what might be happening and how to fix this problem.


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