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yhou July 17, 2009 21:16

Particle Tracking
Hi, I am working on a droplet evaporation in a jet case. Once the run is finished, I can only plot droplet diameter vs time. I can not plot droplet diameter(or any other droplet information) vs the location. I would like to have the x,y,z and droplet diameters at that x,y,z location. I can't find a option. Can anyone help? Thank you very much.


joshkemp July 18, 2009 19:11

Particle Tracking
You need to add a surface rake at the desired cross-section, then you plot the droplets vs x &y coordinates.

yhou July 18, 2009 22:41

So, I can not have x,y,z and the droplet. I must make a few cross sections to see the droplets at different stage?

ronaldalau July 20, 2009 13:38

You can write the droplet paths/diameters/release time to a file from the DPM tracking panel.

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