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Zaqie July 23, 2009 16:07

Meshing Volume in Gambit for a water turbine

I am doing a fluent analysis on a water turbine. I have created the geometry for the turbine in Rhinoceros.

I have meshed the the faces of the turbine in Gambit. Also, I have meshed the faces of the fluid domain(which is a cylinder encompassing the turbine. Now when I try to mesh the volume(i.e the volume of turbine subtracted from the volume of cylinder), I get the following error:

" Meshing of the volume has been aborted due to poor face quality mesh. The user may proceed by first remeshing the faces with poor mesh quality or attempt to mesh the volume with existing face meshes"

While meshing the faces I have taken care not to exceed equisize skew for any element (adjusted the value to 0.98) and all the faces where successfully meshed. But interval sizes are varied for the faces. Could it be a problem?

Expecting an earliest reply.



-mAx- July 24, 2009 01:25

Check where is the problem with your surface mesh.
Correct it and mesh the volume

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