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zuby July 27, 2009 11:22

porous media combustion
Hii Fluent,

I am modelling combustion through a porous media burner. i am using 2 porous media with porosity of 86% and 84% respectively. I used species transport with volumetric eddy dissipation reaction model to account for combustion. n butane-air is the mixture that flows through the porus burner. However my fluent simulation is resulting in very high temperature of the magnitude of 5000K below the porous burner regon even though i have not patched temp for initiating ignition in the domain. hence i divided the domain into 3 regions. one is the fluid region without any reaction, 2nd is the porous region without any reaction and the 3rd fluid region with reaction activated. even though i could successfully initiate combustion at the top surface of the burner, the temperature are very high and unrealistic. Also in both cases i am not able to converge my results even after 20000 iterations. k-e is the turbulance model i have used. Kindly suggest me to model the porous media combustion. (also i would like to check the use of porous jump- is it the interface b/w 2 porous media?). thanks in advance

ankitshukla September 11, 2014 15:44

porous media combustion
hi zuby can u send me a file in which all steps are mentioned to draw porous media . actually i am new student in this feild and i am new in porous media combustion.if u sent me it is very gratefu

nirmalms90 August 31, 2015 04:42

porous media combustion
I am facing problem in modelling and simulating premixed porous media combustion in fluent/CFx... It would be really helpful if someone can share the procedure to be done for simulation

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