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Birkov July 27, 2009 13:06

WSS ASCII export problem
Hi to all,

I have problem with export WSS (all parts) to *.txt file (velocity seems to be fine). I solved unsteady flow with udf velocity profile as velocity inlet bc in one coordinate system. Than I used journal for export WSS in each time with rotating coordinate system(of course each time I rotated back a load new data file to my default coordinate system). When I displayed WSS in Fluent as vector everything is good, but when I read exported data to Matlab, data was turned to default c.s. I tried to export data by my self, but same result. I used Fluent 6.3.26.
Have anybody any idea what's wrong? Matlab algorithm is good, there's no problem.
Thank's for your time.


Birkov July 27, 2009 14:09

Solved in Matlab but if somebody have an idea I would be glad.
Thanks a much

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