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Arnaud July 28, 2009 11:01

Porous media : simulation of an heat exchanger

I am simulating the cooling down of the air through an heat exchanger.
It has aluminium fins.

I need that you validate (or not) my thought.

I want to put the right pressure drops in the flow direction (Z) and to forbid the flow in the other direction (becaus of the fins).

* viscous resistance = f(1/permeability)
-> Z : 0 (no material in this direction)
-> X,Y : high value to forbid the flow in this direction

* inertial resitance = f(pressure loss per unit lenght along the flow direction)

-> Z : the coefficient I've calculated to obtain the good pressure drop
-> X,Y : 0 (no friction pressure drop in this direction)

What do you think about that?

Thank you for each answer.

Arnaud July 29, 2009 04:39

someone has any idea?

whiz July 29, 2009 09:28

About the pressure drop, you are right.
The problem is how to treat the heat transfer between the air and the fins.

Arnaud July 29, 2009 09:56

in fact, I just calculate the temperature exchanges to have the good density, in the aim of having the good pressure drops in my model. I don't seek to have the real temperature.

I have one inlet an one outlet. I know that I have 155°C in the inlet and I want 50°C in the outlet. So I've calculated the heat exchange (Q=mCdT) in created a energy source in the porous media.

whiz July 29, 2009 10:02

the pressure drop is dependent on the fluid properties which are dependent on the temperature.


Arnaud July 29, 2009 10:06

i know. That's why I have implemented a source term. The Temperature depend on the velocity.
I meant that the modelization of the temperature exchanges is sufficient with a source term for me (I don't need to develop an udf to be more precise).

ronaldo October 19, 2009 04:45

Hi Arnaud,

please witch Solver are you used? Could you send me your case?

I would like to simulate an Heat exchanger too, but it donīt work!

Thank you in advance

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