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Daisy Duck July 29, 2009 09:32

error: Null Domain Pointer
this is the error I am getting:

Note: Separating interior zone 6 into zones 6 and 1.
interior-6 -> interior-6 (6) and interior-6:001 (1)
Cell Centroid is xc 1.023757 yc 0.499622 zc 0.427138
WARNING: cell 7437 of thread 5 has NULL face pointer 3.Error: Build_Grid: grid error.
Clearing partially read grid.

Error: Null Domain Pointer

The mesh was created in Pointwise, and we have used it for all our case files so far, never got that problem. Can anyone suggest a solution, or how to find out what the problem is. This is really an emergency, since I am supposed to have it done by tomorrow....any help is appreciated.

udayrg July 31, 2009 07:23



This error pops up when your mesh file is corrupted or some domain is not having volume mesh or some cells lose the face information or maybe a very highly skewed element in the mesh is being read.
There would be any of these issues however as you mentioned you have used this mesh for prior cases. What i would suggest you is read this file in Tgrid and do a Grid check. And maybe try to look at the cross section so you will find all your zones are meshed.

udayrg July 31, 2009 07:26


Check for zone id 5 in tgrid as error mentions problem in Thread 5 and to my knowledge it has a degenerated cell there.

Daisy Duck July 31, 2009 11:05

Thakns for the replies. the problem got solved by reading the mesh into gambint and from there to fluent. it worked fine after that.

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