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samad87 August 7, 2009 21:52

unusual mesh me out
i'm carrying out aero-acoustic analysis to engine turbine...
the single stage 2-d case went well but while i ws doin the multisatge(2-stages) case a strange problem appeared...
the first rotor which had interfaces on both sides started moving in the x-direction once i previewed the mesh motion....i ws using the sliding mesh approach n had given the velocity only in -y direction...the second rotor however showed the normal motion....
i hv tried numerous things including emtying the domain (removing the stators n rotors), then changing teh mesh from pave to map,still teh motion is x-axis motion is thre.....the interesting thing is tht the problem is thre even b4 iterating the file for solution........
desparately need help

-mAx- August 10, 2009 01:02

I think this an geometry issue or a set up issue.
But not a mesh or solver one.
You said the first rotor has 2 interfaces on both sides. The second rotor doesn't give problem, but it is defined as well as the first?
post a picture of your issue

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