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Russ August 8, 2009 09:51

Fluent IcePak - AMG Solver
Can someone lend me a quick hand, I am trying to run an electronics cabinet, I have modelled the chips on the board as blocks. These run fine in the solver as they are, but the miniute I try to apply a resistor network to them I get an error in the solver of: Divergence detected in AMG solver

Can anyone help

Many thanks

Jupudi.pramodh December 25, 2013 09:26

Hi Russ,
As per the problem description you have provided, i guess there might be some problem with Grid. Network block is just a numerical approximation by Icepak Solver that models a hollow block in place of the chip and calculates the junction temperature.
When the solver exits sayng divergence detected, try the following steps:
1. Let the solver diverge.
2. Terminate the solver and wait till icepak loads the result file.
3. Check which equation is diverging using the post processing tool.
4. Use the Iso surface tool to detect the location of divergence.
5. Once the location of divergence is identified, you can check for the reason for divergence.

Try this out.
All the best
Pramodh J

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