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Pfalcon August 14, 2009 14:07

Saving *.cas and *.dat from Fluent parallel version

I am experiencing problems when I'm saving the case and data file from the parallel version (FLUENT6.3). These files are incompatible with Tecplot360. When I load the case into the serial version of FLUENT and resave it, Tecplot reads them just fine.
Same problem when I use FILE-EXPORT function to create Tecplot files from the parallel version. The files are almost always corrupted.
Does anyone have a fix for this?

Many thanks in advance

delfel August 14, 2009 14:43

Hi Pfalcon,

I'm having trouble getting my data into tecplot from Fluent 6.2 parallel, also. I did some looking on the fluent website and found the export to tecplot function from the parallel solver is new in version 6.3, so it may be buggy. Actually, from my personal experience, I've found the 6.3 parallel solver to be "temperamental" to the point that I still use 6.2.

Loading the files into the serial solver and resaving them sounds like a great fix to me, even if it's a hassle.


Pfalcon August 14, 2009 14:57

I would not mind doing this for steady calcs. But unsteady this is a real problem. My cases take 15 min to read in, then I need to save and repeat this for 48 time steps. I need to solve this somehow. Any idea if this is related to the partitioning?

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