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lzgwhy August 19, 2009 22:44

On Setring Step Size in unsteady Solver of FLUENT
Recently, I calculate a flow over one cylinder and along its axis by using unsteady solver in FLUENT. However, it is noted that this flow may be steady flow. The pressure, velocity (vector) of one point were minitored in calculation. It was found that the pressure of this point oscillated greatly and quickly for small step size around a contant, and less greatly and quickly for larger step size. However, velocity (vector) of this piont seems constant. The step size was determined by CFL condition. So I have the following questions:
(1) The smaller step size, the more accuracy?
(2) Odinary unsteady solver is not suitable for steady flow in FLUENT, though they are essentially the same iterative method?
(3) Is it more easy to culculate a accurate velocity field than pressure field?

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