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memahfud August 25, 2009 21:22

Help: floating pressure, multiphase, closed domain
hi every body..

i want to know pressure rise in a closed domain cause heat flux in the system, my domain is multiphase contain liquid nitrogen and air. i used mixture model multiphase system with floating operating pressure.. my problem is the iteration start error after 750s. if you have same case or hint, please share to me..
below i show my general step of my simulation

thanks in advance

general Pressure based
Gravity (9.82 m/s2)
Model Multiphase mixture model
Energy equation(yes)
Primary : air ( density: ideal gas,
Secondary : liquid nitrogen (UDF)
Phase Interaction: mass transfer evaporation (Tsat: 77.35K)
Boundary condition Heat flux : 2 W/m2
Floating operating pressure (yes)

Solution method Scheme : PICO

Solution initialization Compute from : wall
Initial temperature 70 K
Volume fraction : 0.5

memahfud September 24, 2009 03:38

why the iteration start divergence in the middle of running..

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