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lzgwhy August 26, 2009 06:41

On Bug of Fluent 12.0
Hi, every Fluenter. I found a bug of Fluent 12.0 on platform of Windows XP 64. Maybe it is bug of Windows XP 64. However, if you are using Fluent 12.0 on it, I think what I am reporting is useful for you.

The process is following:
I used UDF to do non-steady calculation by parallel Fluent 12.0, and set the auto-save of Fluent 12.0. When I activated the function Calculation Activities, the calculation can not work normally and some errors about the Calculation Activities always occured. Then I delete all exporting things of Calculation Activities, but parallel Fluent 12.0 can not save files normally and automatically, and some errors always occured. Then even if I evoked Fluent to do calculation again continually, it can not work. Afterwards, I repeated the process of activating Calculation Activities, setting exporting and then deleting all exporting in serial Fluent 12.0, and saved the case file, then did calculation by parallel Fluent 12.0 with the files saved above.

So, I guess that if some errors appears parallel Fluent 12.0, the case should be modified or reset by serial Fluent 12.0, and you may do calculation correctly or normally just restarting the it. I wish this report would help you!

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