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ahsan August 28, 2009 02:44

hydraulic diameter in 2d
hi all
i am working on a 2D case of the fluidization of charcoal. In order to specify the turbulance specification at velocity inlet, i have to specify the value of hydraulic diameter. In 3d, inlet is a circular duct. Problem is that how i can define the hydraulic diameter for 2D case at velocity inlet edge.

In the tutorial 01 of fluent6.2, i have found that the wetted perimeter will always be 2 for a circular inlet in 2D case regardless of whatever is inlet diameter. Also the hydraulic dimeter will be 2 times the diameter of the circular inelt.

In some other tutorials, i found that the hydraulic diameter will be double of actual diameter for a 2D case.

plz guide me that how this hydraulic dimeter will be double for a 2D case and how this wetted perimeter is 2.



coglione August 28, 2009 03:14

Hello ahsan

to specify turbulence correctly at inlets using intensity and hydraulic diameter you always have take the actual, physical dimensions. If your inlet geometry is a circle then take its diameter, no matter if you are using a 2-D or 3-d model to simulate the problem.


ahsan August 28, 2009 15:22

hi coglione
thanx for guidence


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