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lions85 August 28, 2009 08:59

Problems with gambit mesh
I need your help with gambit because i'm not able to create a right mesh.
I start from the beginning.
I'm a beginner using fluent and gambit too. I need to create a mesh that is a section of a burner, so the grid has to be a kind of rectangular and meshed gradually. The grid is a 2D grid because then in fluent i'll use the axialsimmetric property and in this way i'll be able to process the simulation.
I created the mesh in this way. First i created the points, then I created the edges and finally I created the plane inside the edges. Then i meshed the edges and then i meshed the inside part. I think it is all right.
Then I exported my mesh in *.MSH format and then I tried to read the case with fluent.
The problem is that if I open a 2d section of fluent, i get this message:

"Error: File has wrong dimensions (3).
Error Object: #f"

If I start the 3d section the result is:

" Reading "C:\Users\lions\Desktop\PROVA2.msh"...
55 nodes.
40 mixed wall faces, zone 2.
Error: no cells in zone, id = 0, ind1 = 1, indn = 0Reading Cells: failed while reading section 12.
Clearing partially read grid.

Error: Read aborted due to critical error.
Error Object: () "

I think the problem is that I have to declare that the mesh is a 2d mesh, but I don't know how to make it.
Could someone help me please?
Thank you very much

tas38 August 28, 2009 12:44

When exporting the mesh, in the dialog box to specify file name, there is a check box that must be activated to flag the mesh as 2d.

Export 2-D (X-Y) Mesh

This may solve your problem.

lions85 August 28, 2009 19:05

Yes, it works. It was so simple.....
thank you very very very much, now i can start with the simulations.


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