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lpy2009 September 10, 2009 12:54

Swirl diffuser flow
Hey guys,

I'm working on the air change effectiveness of a room, with swirl diffusers as the main air supply.

Here is the geometry that i'm using to model a swirl diffuser, with the flow of the fluid out of the thickness of the circular disc as show below.

I've calculated the swirl velocity with the flow rate. What do i have to setup in the velocity inlet boundary condition of the swirl diffuser to get a swirl motion in the inlet ?

I've seen the option of tangential axial radial , and wondering how do i convert the velocity to components of tangential axial and radial.

Please help me out here.
Thanks alot

pmghadge September 10, 2009 22:09

I am also looking for same thing today....
Pls help us if somebody know it.

zahrarashidi January 8, 2015 03:20

hi i have exactly your question!did u solve it?

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