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srinidhi4u September 15, 2009 07:30

How exactly does the Shell conduction in FLUENT?
Hello all,

I am simulating a case where there is a closed domain in which the temperature is below zero(refrigeration case). Since the window of the domain is a glass with some thickness, I am modeling it using shell conduction at first instance, without cosidering the actual case(convection and radiation from outer atmosphere). According to shell conduction, we have an imaginary inner and outer wall which is at certain temperature across which the conduction takes place. When I calculate the thermal load(W) frome each surface theroretically to compare with the FLUENT results, the area considered is both inner and outer wall area for the heat flux calculation, which is what is confusing me. Can someone kindly comment on this and tell me why we have to consider 2 surface areas(which is contradicting the thermal conduction through a thick plate).
Q= KADelT/DelX.

DelX=thickness of the glass

Thank you in Advance.

Best regards,


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