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joshie September 16, 2009 08:29

how do i model a brake disc in gambit?
hi. my name is joshua and i'm working on my final year project which is to design a ventilated brake disc for cooling improvement. i will be conducting analysis for the vane design that i have come up with. i have a problem now as i do not know how to model the brake disc. can anyone care to share? one question i have is do i have to model the whole brake disc in gambit? or do i only model the vanes and then use fluent to simulate the flow? i've spend all day trying to figure out the program by myself and how to model it but i've not gotten very far. i saw that there was a turbo option. is it possible for me to use that to generate the vanes? (i'm using aerofoil shaped vanes for the design) it would be helpful if someone could help me out. thanks in advance. cheers

bramv101 September 16, 2009 08:43

I you have a CAD package at your disposal, use this to model the geometry and import it into gambit. if not I can only say have fun trying to model these aerofoil type shapes

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