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Carlo September 30, 2009 06:15

Coal Injections problem
Hi to all. I'm dealing with coal combustion.
I have implemented the coal amount of fluent by defining the several injections. They are 7 in total.
Once stopped the iterations, respect the experimental data I have, I noticed an higher oxygen level.As if te combustion were incomplete.
After having computed the particle tracks of some injections, I think to have got the problem:
the multiple surface reactions char content is different respect the one of the combusting particle in some of the injection. furthermore the char content in the multiple surface reactions is 0.
These anomaly occurs in 5 out of 7 injections. the other two are normal:
I get a total converted char and an equal char content both for the multiple surface reactions and the combusting particle.
I hope you could help me. thanks a lot!

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